World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Betrayal of the Guardian Epic Collection

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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Betrayal of the Guardian Epic Collection
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Contains 6 Boosters, 1 Playmat, 1 Deckbox, 1 Pack of Dividers, 1 Loot Card, 1 Complete Visual Spoiler, 5 Foil Hero Cards. Return to the days of the first and second war, when Orcs first came to Azeroth with Betrayal of the Guardian, the second set in the epic Timewalkers Block! Medivh, the last guardian of Trisfal, first orchestrated the eventual wars that pitted humans versus orcs by bringing the bloodthirsty orcs and Gul'dan to Azeroth through the Dark Portal. Relive the first moments of the original Warcraft games with cards that harken back to this time. Will you be part of the stalwart humans, the bloodthirsty orcs, or will you be tempted to support the Monsters that have been left to lurk in Karazhan after Medivh's corruption? Form strategies with the Timewalkers, allies that become more powerful if you control multiple copies of a Horde or Alliance race. In fact, there's more that rewards you for having more of the same race out than ever before! Get rewarded with double the fun out of your abilities through Echo, or receive a big discount on some big effects with Rift. Will you aid the Alliance or Horde in these great wars? Or will you become a Monster, and fight against both? The choice is yours!
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Trading Card Game
Betrayal of the Guardian
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Epic Collection
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