WWE Wrestling Adult Replicas 2013 Championship Championship Belt

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WWE Wrestling Adult Replicas 2013 Championship Championship Belt
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This is an exact scale replica of the new WWE Championship Belt that The Rock debuted on the February 18th, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw.

Now you can be the WWE Champion for an unbeatable price! Continuing with the success of our commemorative belt series, the WWE Championship Commemorative Replica Belt (2013) is now available from Figures Toy Company!

Molded from the actual handmade belt, our commemorative belt plates are made from a high quality acrylic plastic and are an exact-scale replica of the ones that are being defended on TV. The difference between this commemorative belt and our other replica belts is that our replica belt plates are made out of metal, while our commemorative belts are crafted from plastic plates.

It is the same thickness and length as the original belt and measures 51 inches long and fits up to a 46 inch waist.
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