WWE Wrestling Legends Bundy Exclusive Action Figure

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WWE Wrestling Legends Bundy Exclusive Action Figure
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Get ready for the Avalanche! You wont need to ask for a five-count when Bundy joins the WWE Legends series, wearing his black singlet and a look that says hes ready to take care of business. This massive figure comes ready for the ring with kneepads and Bundy T-shirt.
Memorable Moment: In arguably the biggest match of his career at WrestleMania 2, a supremely confident Bundy challenged Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship in the only Steel Cage Match to ever take place at WrestleMania. A few months prior to the showdown, Bundy brutally attacked Hogan at Saturday Nights Main Event and badly injured his ribs. Hogan entered the cage with his ribs heavily taped, still suffering the aftereffects of the attack. Bundy ripped the bandages off almost immediately and mercilessly targeted the injury. Hogan rallied and rammed the Walking Condominiums head into the cage. Bundy had Hogan on the brink of defeat several times, but ultimately, the Hulkster slammed Bundy and climbed out of the cage to retain the title.
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