WWE Wrestling Rumblers Rampage Zach Ryder Mini Figure

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WWE Wrestling Rumblers Rampage Zach Ryder Mini Figure
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The Rumblers figures that boys love now have even more over-the-top WWE action! Each Rumblers Rampage figure has a unique, kid-activated feature that really adds to the outrageous battling action. Pull back a punching figure's arm to deliver a knockout punch, push on a jumping figures head to send him into the air, or pull down a throwing figures arm to send an object flying. Its maximum mayhem!
Figure features sculpted body and signature ring attire
Has a unique, kid-activated battling feature
Collect all the Rumblers Rampage figures to create the ultimate showdowns
Lots of exciting battling fun for your WWE fan!
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Rumblers Rampage
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Mini Figure