YuGiOh 2005 Collector Tin Rocket Warrior Collector Tin [Sealed]

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YuGiOh 2005 Collector Tin Rocket Warrior Collector Tin [Sealed]
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The 2005 Yu-Gi-Oh Collectible Trading Card Tin Sets are headed our way and they'll be better than ever with new never-before-released cards!
This tin includes 5 Booster Packs: 1 Soul of the Duelist, 1 Dark Beginnings 1, 1 Rise of Destiny, 1 Dark Revelation vol.1, and 1 Flaming Eternity! all of this included in a new, more compact version of last years tins!

It also Includes 1 Never Before seen Special Foil Card...
Rocket Warrior
4 Stars
ATK/1500 DEF/1300
This effect is only active during the Battle Phase of your turn. Battle Damage to this card and this card's controller that they take from a battle involving this card becomes 0. After damage calculation, decrease the ATK of the monster that was attacked by this card by 500 points until the end of the turn.
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2005 Collector Tin
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Collector Tin