YuGiOh Fire Fists Special Edition Pack

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YuGiOh Fire Fists Special Edition Pack
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Fire Fists Special Edition The Fire Fists Special Edition combines 3 packs of the top-selling booster sets of 2013 with a powerful variant card for great value. Each Special Edition box will contain 1 Cosmo Blazer Pack, 1 Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Pack, and 1 Judgment of the Light Pack, as well as the Super Rare variant card Fire Formation - Tenki, which works great in tournament-level Decks such as Bujins and Fire Fists! Great value and excellent content will make the Fire Fists Special Edition a musthave for players of all skill levels.
Each Fire Fists Special Edition box contains 1 Cosmo Blazer booster pack, 1 Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy booster pack, 1 Judgment of the Light booster pack (all 9 cards each), and 1 Fire Formation - Tenki card.Kaiba is one of the original characters also and has so many great cards that weve expanded Duelist Pack Kaiba to a 40 card set. Now, these two rivals would be featured in one value packed box, 20% more product like receiving one pack FREEEach Duelist Pack - Yugi & Kaiba Special Edition includes:
X3 Duelist Pack - Yugi
X3 Duelist Pack - Kaiba
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Special Edition Pack
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