Zoids 25th Rebirth Century Gul Tiger 1/7 Model Kit GRZ-013

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Zoids 25th Rebirth Century Gul Tiger 1/7 Model Kit GRZ-013
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The Gul Tiger is a Tiger-type Zoid used by the Guylos Empire. A very unusual Zoid, the Gul Tiger is the smallest Zoid ever to carry a Charged Particle Cannon. Designed for shock assaults, the Gul Tiger uses its combination of speed and firepower to rush enemies and strike before they can react. While smaller than the weapon on the Deathsaurer, the Charged Particle Cannon is still a powerful weapon. In addition, the Gul Tiger is one of a very small group of Zoids that can utilise a Charged Particle weapon while moving. Despite its ungainly shape, the Gul Tiger is very fast and rather agile; its unusual design helps it traverse the rough conditions found on the Dark Continent of Nyx, as well as to stabilize it while firing its cannon. The Zoid is very well armoured, with its shoulders being thickly plated to help defend the rest of the body from fire. The Zoid's only true weakness lies in its design concept; aside from the Charged Particle Cannon, the Gul Tigers weapons are limited in capability.
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Takara / Tomy
25th Rebirth Century
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