• DC Training Armor Wonder Woman Collectible Figure (Pre-Order ships June)
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  • DC Training Armor Wonder Woman Collectible Figure (Pre-Order ships June)
    Only 4 available. Order now!
    Note: We inspect and seal each copy of this item prior to shipment. As a result, we cannot accept a return once the seal is broken.
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    Shes the princess, shes a warrior. Born and raised in the Amazons, Diana lives in a place without knowing about the conflicts in the outside world. Not until she met the American pilot that changes her destiny to maintain peace in the universe. Here she is - the Wonder Woman!

    Featuring Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess Diana in the movie, the figure is finely crafted based on her appearance in Wonder Woman wearing the Themyscira training armor. The newly developed head sculpt is perfectly carved with movie-accurate quality. The outfit is specifically tailored to showcase the fine detailing. Whats more, the figure comes with an assortment of weapons such as the Amazons' mythical God Killer sword with base, a shield, bow and arrows and her signature "Bracelets of Submission. On top of the accessories, a themed figure stand and a specially designed Themyscira island backdrop is included as well.

    The Wonder Woman figure is a timeless centerpiece with high screen authenticity. Open for pre-order now. Dont let the Wonder slip by!

    The 1/6th scale Wonder Woman (Training Armor Version) Collectible Figure specially features:
    - Authentic and detailed likeness of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman with her training armor
    - Newly developed head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression and make-up
    - Specialized body with over 17 points of articulations
    - Approximately 11.40 inches (29cm) tall
    - Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
    -- One (1) right fist
    -- One (1) pair of relaxed hands
    -- One (1) pair of hands for holding sword
    -- One (1) left hand for holding shield
    -- One (1) right hand for holding arrow
    - Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

    - One (1) specially tailored gold colored Wonder Woman training armor
    - One (1) brown colored leather-like strap cuff
    - One (1) pair of brown and gold colored leather-like gladiator boots
    - One (1) arm bandage

    - One (1) engraved sword
    - One (1) shield
    - One (1) silver and gold colored Bracelets of Submission
    - One (1) orange and gold colored Bracelets of Submission
    - One (1) engraved silver and gold colored bow
    - Three (3) arrows

    - One (1) gold colored spherical sword base
    - Specially-designed Wonder Woman themed figure stand with character nameplate, movie logo, and paper backdrop