GI Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye Action Figure

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GI Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye Action Figure
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Lady Jaye is a covert ops specialist and weapons expert on the G.I. Joe team. Using her elite intelligence skills, she helps uncover an evil Cobra plot. She disguises herself in a daring mission to infiltrate the lair of the enemy and prove the terrifying truth!
G.I. Joe is the ultimate commando, but he needs allies in the fight against the forces of Cobra! This fierce Lady Jaye figure is armed to the teeth and shes got the weaponry and cunning to take on whatever her Cobra enemies throw at her (other figures sold separately). Put the rocket launcher on her shoulder, or give her a double fistful of automatic weapons. Send her on a secret mission in disguise! Between her arsenal and her covert ops skills, will her Cobra enemies be able to take her down? Its all in your hands! Build your G.I. Joe army with this Lady Jaye figure!
Awesome detailed figure looks like the Lady Jaye character! Includes covert ops weapons! Backpack attaches to figure! Knives and machete!
Figure comes with accessories.
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