James Cameron's Avatar Tsu-Tey's Banshee Action Figure Set

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James Cameron's Avatar Tsu-Tey's Banshee Action Figure Set
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It's not easy being green except maybe if you're a huge, flying creature on Pandora! Take your imagination for some wild rides across the Pandoran landscape with this highly articulated creature. Features glow-in-the-dark Bio-Lume deco, and can take any of the basic RDA or Na'vi figures on its back. Includes a special i-Tag that brings this Avatar product to three-dimensional life online (requires a WebCam).

Banshee Stats

Common Name: Mountain Banshee

Na'vi Name: Ikran.

Scientific Name: Pterodactylus gigantis or giant pterodactyl

Habitat: Mountainous regions of Pandora, including Floating Mountains

Description: Large aerial predator. Leathery wings stretched tight. Large jaws can disengage. Teeth are black and extremely sharp. Na'vi can link to some banshees to create lifelong bond. Ridden during hunting, battle.

Feeding Ecology: Carnivore
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