James Cameron's Avatar Direhorse Action Figure Set

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James Cameron's Avatar Direhorse Action Figure Set
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A horse is a horse, of course, of course unless it's a direhorse in which case it's blue and has a couple of extra legs! This surprisingly graceful creature from the movie features six articulated legs for extra poseability, and glow-in-the-dark Bio-Lume deco. Includes a saddle to take any of the basic RDA or Na'vi figures on its back and special i-Tag that brings this Avatar product to three-dimensional life online (requires a WebCam).

Direhorse Stats

Na'vi Name: Pa'li

Scientific Name: Equidirus hoplites or feared armored horse

Description: Six legs, armor-like skin over shoulders and along the back of the neck and head. Moth-like antennae that act as neural interface. Over thirteen feet high. Domesticated by the Navi as a fast riding animal. Usually gentle, but fierce in battle.

Habitat: Rainforests and grasslands.

Feeding Ecology: Herbivore that feeds on grass, tree bark, shrubs and pollen from plants
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