James Cameron's Avatar Avatar Jake Sully Action Figure

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James Cameron's Avatar Avatar Jake Sully Action Figure
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This incredible figure gives new meaning to the term "going native." Representing Jake Sully's immersion into the Pandoran culture, this highly desirable 4-1/4 figure (in scale to reflect the nine-foot tall bodies in the movie) accurately portrays the blue skin and lithe limbs of Sully's avatar. Features Jake Sully in Na'vi warrior outfit, and comes with a weapon and special i-Tag that brings a related element from the movie to three-dimensional life online (requires a WebCam).

Avatar Jake Sully Bio

Embodying his blue, nine-foot tall avatar body, Jake is able to walk for the first time in years. During sorties from Hell's Gate to the Pandoran rainforest and Hometree, he gains respect for the Navi and discovers the beauty and danger of an alien world.

Profession: Member of RDA's Avatar Program, based out of Hell's Gate.

Skills: Former marine with combat training, including military tactics and strategy. Natural leadership ability. In avatar body, he has remarkable strength, agility and acute senses.
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