James Cameron's Avatar Jake Sully Action Figure [Long Hair]

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James Cameron's Avatar Jake Sully Action Figure [Long Hair]
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Meet Jake Sully complicated hero from the movie Avatar. This highly-detailed figure captures Sully at the start of the film in his wheelchair, more than ready for the amazing adventures that await him on Pandora. This 3-3/4 figure represents Sully in human form, with wheelchair and special i-Tag that brings a related element from the movie to three-dimensional life online (requires a WebCam).

Jake Sully Bio

Sully is a young former marine who has lost the use of his legs in combat. He accepts a remarkable offer to join a team of scientists on a moon some 4.5 light-years from Earth.

Profession: Member of the RDA's Avatar Program on Pandora.

Skills: Combat training, including military tactics and strategy. Natural leadership ability.
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