Maple Story Behold Zakum Booster Pack

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Maple Story Behold Zakum Booster Pack
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Behold Zakum! The most famous boss in the game invades the iTCG! Not only are Zakum and his many arms featured, but there are over 15 Zakum-flavored cards - from his guardians to many of his valuable treasures. More cards! You asked, we listened. This set is 50% larger than previous MapleStory sets with 90 cards! New Mechanics! Clash with your opponent! The new 'clash' mechanic lets you interact with your opponents in a fun new way. New Codes and New Quests! There are some new NPC's in Masteria for you to interact with, such as Ridley, Lita Lawless, T-1337 and Stirgeman. 9 cards per booster. 24 packs per box!
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Booster Pack
Behold Zakum
Wizards of the Coast