Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia She-Ra Exclusive Action Figure

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Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia She-Ra Exclusive Action Figure
Club Eternia Monthly Figure
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Finally, the Princess of Power fulfills her long-awaited destiny Although she was once the long-lost sister of Prince Adam, Adora received the ultimate makeover to become the mighty She-Ra. Fully-articulated and designed with impeccable detail by the Four Horsemen, the Most Powerful Woman in the Universe is ready to rule your collection with the help of these accessories:
* Sword of Protection
* Shield
* Battle Axe
* Removable cape
* Modern-style head
* Vintage-style head with removable mask to display in two different positions.
She-Ra Bio
Real Name: Adora of the House of Randor
Channeling the combined Power of the Universe and the Wisdom of the Elders of Eternia Adora transforms into She-Ra, the Most Powerful Woman in the Universe. Her strength comes not from brute force but from sheer will and her cunning magical powers and healing abilities. She also has the power to communicate telepathically with animals. As both She-Ra and Adora, she helped lead the Great Rebellion of Etheria against the Horde invaders. Later, when Hordak found an escape to Eternia, she followed him along with several of her friends and allies. Once there, the Princess of Power joined forces with the now renegade Masters of the Universe, who without King Randor had become outcasts in their own land, fighting against Hordaks new tyranny!
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