Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia Whiplash Exclusive Action Figure

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Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia Whiplash Exclusive Action Figure
Club Eternia Monthly Figure
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When Old Bones needs to lay down the law on his underlings, he calls upon the ultimate enforcer: Whiplash, Evil Tail-thrashing Warrior! Sculpted by The Four Horsemen, Whiplash features an articulated tail that rotates a full 360 degrees so hes ready to deliver his devastating blow anytime, anywhere. And, for ultimate customization, he arrives with weapons and both modern and vintage heads.
Whiplash Bio
Real Name: Torrant Krazut
Following their fathers untimely death, Torrant grew up bitter under the rule of his older brother Ceratus. After years of brooding in Sub-Ternia, he struck a deal with a surface dweller named Keldor and helped lead his forces in a raid against Randors army during the Great Unrest. Although Keldors plan failed, Torrant was banished from Sub-Ternia for betraying his people. He was taken in by his former employer and quickly rose up through the ranks, staying with Keldor even after his transformation into Skeletor, serving as his chief brute squad enforcer. His thick hide and stubborn intellect have made him more than a match for the Masters of the Universe, often leaving only He-Man to defeat him. Whiplash uses his thrashing tail for doom and destruction.
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