Masters of the Universe Classics The Evil Horde Cy-Chop Exclusive Action Figure

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Masters of the Universe Classics The Evil Horde Cy-Chop Exclusive Action Figure
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Hell gladly lend a scissor-hand to anyone anyone who pays his price, that is. This former thief and current one-man cyborg chop shop is the fifth of six original figures celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Masters of the Universe. Designed by Mattels Terry Higuchi, bounty hunter Cy-Chop comes with removable blade hands that can be replaced with weapons from other figures (such as the Roboto arm attachments or the Spikor tridents). Add him to your collection next to his former buddy Kronis at your own peril!

Cy-Chop Bio
Real Name: Scychor
Originally a partner with Kronis, Scychor roamed the galaxy as a mercenary and professional thief. Eventually Kronis betrayed his friend, throwing Scychor from a Boa Jet while escaping from Horde Patrol Units. Falling hundreds of feet to the surface of a small moon, Scychor was healed by rogue scientists by preserving his organs in a robotic chest and his brain in a cyborg skull. After serving the scientists for twenty years, he became a freelance bounty hunter, willing to steal, kill or betray anyone for the right price. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Cy-Chop was hired by Hordak to bolster his forces against the Snake Men and Masters of the Universe. Using his robotic scissor blades, Cy-Chop strikes out, but only for the right price!
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