McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Series 1 Halo 4 5-Piece Boxed Set

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McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Series 1 Halo 4 5-Piece Boxed Set
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Join Master Chief in his battle against the Prometheans with the McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Action Figure Multi-Pack. Based on the Halo 4 video game, these figures feature authentic details and multiple articulated parts for easy posing. The multi-pack includes the heroic Master Chief, his holographic AI companion Cortana, an orange-colored Spartan soldier, and two of the Promethean enemies introduced in Halo 4. Recommended for ages eight and up, these figures are ideal for both collecting and playing.
Collectible Figures with Authentic, Accurate Detail
With their accurate scaling and authentic finishing, these Halo figures feature the same meticulous attention to detail that toy collectors have come to expect from McFarlane Toys. Fans of the franchise will instantly recognize Master Chief's iconic green armor and shiny orange visor. The Chief comes with his signature MA5 assault rifle, which he can hold in his articulated hands.
The other figures are also impressively detailed: Cortana is painted in shades of bright blue and operates a "floating" control screen, while the Promethean figures sport a metallic silver finish that convincingly captures their robotic nature. The Spartan soldier features "Team Orange" colors that fans will recognize from Halo's multiplayer gameplay and comes with the classic carbine gun as an accessory.
Multiple Articulated Points Ideal for Posing
Each figure has a high number of articulated points, allowing you to pose them in hundreds of positions. Master Chief and the Spartan Soldier are especially poseable, featuring articulation at nearly every joint. The Promethean Watcher even features several removable pieces that allow it to fit inside of McFarlane Toys' deluxe Promethean Knight figure (sold separately).
Captures the Spirit of the Halo Franchise
The Halo series takes place in an expansive sci-fi universe, with a rich lore that lends itself to imaginative play. This figure multi-pack places you in the role of Master Chief as he struggles to defend human civilization against the Prometheans, an ancient, powerful faction of cybernetic beings bent on exterminating humanity. And since the figures are designed to be faithful to the Halo series, kids and collectors alike can recreate their favorite scenes with stunning authenticity.
Master Chief figure, Cortana figure, Orange Spartan figure, Promethean Watcher figure, Promethean Knight figure, MA5 assault rifle, and carbine.
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