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MtG Trading Card Game Apocalypse Pandemonium Theme Deck

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Having trouble deciding which color to play? With the "Pandemonium" deck, you can avoid the issue by playing all the colors. Your opponents will cower in fear as you unleash a variety of different threats. And with the Apocalypse set's Penumbra creatures at your disposal, the threats continue long after the cards go to your graveyard. Playing the "Pandemonium" deck is all about being able to get the right mana. Multicolored decks can be tricky to play because you'll often draw spells of one color and lands that produce another. By using mana-fixing cards such as Lay of the Land and Harrow, you get the colors you need when you need them. Gaea's Balance can also fix any color deficiency, but be careful if your opponent has any counterspells. If Gaea's Balance is countered, you'll have already sacrificed five lands and you won't get them back.
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