MtG Dragon's Maze Rakdos Revelry Intro Pack

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MtG Dragon's Maze Rakdos Revelry Intro Pack
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Exava has taken command of an entire band of crazed Rakdos cultists, and that's a sure sign that some serious carnage is about to occur. With the "Rakdos Revelry" deck, you'll get to share in the fun, attacking at practically every opportunity. Many of your Rakdos creatures have the unleash mechanic, which lets you trade a creature's ability to block for a permanent boost to its power and toughness. Who wants to block? Not you!
If your opponent builds up a horde of blockers, it might be time to hold back your Rakdos party, but only temporarily. Awe for the Guilds will stop a huge portion of your opponent's creatures from blocking at all, and Morgue Burst returns one of your dead creatures to your hand while killing off a creature in the processor dealing the finishing blow to your opponent!
Toil/Trouble gives you a smorgasbord of possibilities. As with any "split card," you can choose to cast either one half or the other, but the new fuse mechanic lets you have both effects if you can pay for them. A black spell like Toil is usually cast targeting yourself for the extra cards, but 2 life plus another 2 life...? It's tempting.
Looking for more great Rakdos cards? Definitely check out the Return to Ravnica set. Another Havoc Festival would be a great addition to this deck. If you're looking for a creature to finish the game with, track down Thundermaw Hellkite from the Magic 2013 core set. This 3 ManaRed ManaRed Mana 5/5 Dragon has haste, flying, and taps any flying blockers your opponent might have for it!
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