MtG Fifth Dawn Special Forces Theme Deck [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Fifth Dawn Special Forces Theme Deck [Sealed Deck]
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The creatures of the "Special Forces" deck are all mission specialists - the attackers have huge power and the blockers have enormous toughness. Creatures like Dross Crocodile, Plasma Elemental, and Emissary of Despair inflict devastating damage, while Steel Wall and Arachnoid hold down a rock-solid defense. But what if your foe tries to stop your fragile 5/1 Dross Crocodile with a weenie blocker? That's where your specialized Equipment comes in. Slagwurm Armor and Ensouled Scimitar cover your attackers' weak spots, giving them massive defensive boosts to round them out. Whispersilk Cloak makes an attacker unblockable and untargetable, making its low toughness practically irrelevant. A Cloak-wearing Crocodile can win the game all by itself!
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Wizards of the Coast
Fifth Dawn
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Theme Deck
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