MtG Magic 2011 M11 2011 Core Set Fat Pack [Sealed]

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MtG Magic 2011 M11 2011 Core Set Fat Pack [Sealed]
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The Magic: The Gathering game expands every year, introducing new worlds filled with deadly perils, new wars between ancient enemies, and fantastic new adventures. At the center is the Magic core set, representing the game in its purest form: evocative spells, menacing creatures, and infinite possibilities. But even at its core, the experience is ever changing. The Magic 2011 core set continues that tradition.
That's eight boosters. Eight! And a stack of land. And a spindown life counter. And a players guide, a card box, and an excerpt from Test of Metal, a Planeswalker novel!
1.00 LBS
Wizards of the Coast
Magic 2011
Product Type:
Fat Pack
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