MtG Scars of Mirrodin Metalcraft Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Scars of Mirrodin Metalcraft Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]
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With the "Metalcraft" deck, you'll be taking advantage of a powerful new ability from the Scars of Mirrodin set. When you accumulate three artifacts on the battlefield, your creatures and spells with metalcraft will become even more powerful. Galvanic Blast doubles in damage from 2 to 4, all for a single red mana! Need help fi nding artifacts? Trinket Mage does the work for you, searching for cards like Memnite when it enters the battlefield.

Once you have metalcraft, use Lumengrid Drake to bounce an artifact creature back to your hand, then recast it to charge up Golem Foundry and gain a life from Golem's Heart. Or bounce your Trinket Mage to search up another artifact! Don't forget to save an artifact or two to cast after Embersmith and Riddlesmith hit the battlefield. They'll deal damage and let you draw more cards, probably more artifacts to keep the fun going.

Even more power awaits your deck in Scars of Mirrodin booster packs. Call on Trigon of Thought to draw extra cards each turn. Turn to the Grand Architect to pump all of your blue creatures, and to give your artifact creatures the same boost by making them blue. Kuldotha Phoenix is a 4/4 flier that just won't stay dead if you have metalcraft!

Comes with a booster pack to help customize your deck!
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Scars of Mirrodin
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