MtG Scars of Mirrodin Deadspread Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Scars of Mirrodin Deadspread Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]
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With the "Deadspread" deck, you'll reap a lot of rewards for a little bit of work. Your aim is to control your opponent's creatures by giving them -1/-1 counters. Then you'll proliferate, a new ability that allows you to add counters to permanents and players that have them. A single -1/-1 counter will soon become a real nightmare for careless opponents as you use Fume Spitter and proliferate to spread death. Or use the 6/6 Carnifex Demon to spread counters while flying in for some massive damage.

Proliferate affects other types of counters, too. Use it to refill Necrogen Censer, which can remove charge counters to make a player lose 2 life. Proliferate with a Culling Dais, after a creature has been sacrifi ced to it, to draw multiple cards. Have an artifact creature that's going to die from blocking or an opponent's removal spell? Sacrifi ce it to Throne of Geth to proliferate and get one last use out of your cards!

A host of powerful Scars of Mirrodin spells are waiting to take you to even greater heights. Inexorable Tide allows you to proliferate every time you cast a spell. Grasp of Darkness will help you take out an opponent's largest threat at instant speed. Or call on the dark powers of Geth, Lord of the Vault to return the most powerful of your opponent's artifacts and creatures after you destroy them!

Comes with a booster pack to help customize your deck!
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Scars of Mirrodin
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