MtG Worldwake Brute Force Intro Pack [Loose]

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MtG Worldwake Brute Force Intro Pack [Loose]
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The "Brute Force" deck gives you the reins of Zendikar's largest monsters. Use them to stomp the competition into the ground!

Leatherback Baloth is one of the largest creatures ever for its cost. Vastwood Zendikon turns a land into a 6/4 Elemental creature. Gnarlid Pack and Skitter of Lizards have multikicker abilities that make them as large as you can afford. Your forces will be too large for most creatures to blockif they want tosurvive! Wolfbriar Elemental also has multikicker, but rather than get larger, it brings along 2/2 Wolf creature tokens. Terastodon is another creature that will increase your army's numbers. It's huge at 9/9, and it converts any three noncreature permanents into 3/3 Elephants. If you feed it three of your lands, you'll get a combined 18 power for just 6 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana!

Your spells support your creatures. Giant Growth makes them unexpectedly larger, and Canopy Cover prevents your opponent from targeting them with spells. If opposing creatures are giving you trouble, cast Lightning Bolt to destroy them or Act of Treason to borrow their services for a turn. Your ultimate trump card is Overrun. It lets you deal devastating damage to your opponent, especially if your army is full of token creatures from Wolfbriar Elemental or Terastodon!

Improvements to the "Brute Force" deck can be found throughout the Worldwake expansion. Summit Apes is a 5/2 creature that must be blocked by at least two creatures if you control a Mountain, which you almost always will. Arbor Elf 's ability to untap your Forests gives you the mana you need to fuel enormous multikicker spells very quickly. Possibly the most impressive is Comet Storm, a red instant that deals as much damage as you want to as many diff erent things as you want. The only limitation is how much mana you have!
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