MtG Worldwake Fangs of the Bloodchief Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Worldwake Fangs of the Bloodchief Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]
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The "Fangs of the Bloodchief " deck puts you in control of Zendikar's most insidious predatorsVampires. With their assistance, you'll drain the life right out of your enemies.

Start with foot soldiers like Pulse Tracker, Ruthless Cullblade, and Child of Night, and use Vampire Aristocrat and Vampire Nighthawk to continue your assault. Of course, your army would be incomplete without leaders. Anowon, the Ruin Sage forces each player to sacrifice a non-Vampire creature on each of your turns, and Butcher of Malakir makes your opponent sacrifice a creature every time a creature goes to your graveyard from the battlefield for any reason. Either Vampire is devastating alone, but together they can truly decimate an opponent's forces.

Many of your spells can help clear the path between your Vampires and your opponent. Urge to Feed, Feast of Blood, and Hideous End all remove your opponent's creatures, and Dead Reckoning not only takes out an opposing creature, but also allows one of your Vampires a second opportunity to wreak havoc. Use Mire's Toll to relieve your opponents of any spells that they could use to stop your assault. If your Vampires still can't get the job done, use Rise from the Grave to reanimate the best creature card in a graveyard, or just go for the enemy's throat with a lethal Consume Spirit.

Many other cards in the Worldwake expansion can improve the "Fangs of the Bloodchief" deck. For example, Quag Vampires has a multikicker ability that allows you to make it larger the more mana you spend when casting it. Smother is an instant that destroys an early threat without allowing regeneration. Finally, Vampire Nocturnus from the Magic 2010 core set gives all of your Vampires +2/+1 and flying as long as the top card of your library is black.
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