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Star Wars Return of the Jedi Titanium Series 2007 Boba Fett Diecast Figure [Vintage Finish]

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WOW! This intense 3.75" die cast metal boba features a REMOVABLE HELMET FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Head features the likeness of Jango and the body has 3 points of articulation! Comes in a beautiful hard plastic display case with base! Battered, scarred, tried and tested, Boba Fett has been through a lot of tough situations and always emerges as the victor. From capturing Han Solo in Bespin, to battling inside the digestive system of the mighty Sarlacc, this warrior was born and bred to be the best bounty hunter the galaxy has ever known. A man of few words, Fett prefers to work alone and to keep a low profile. He accepts jobs from only the most discerning clients and demands large compensations, but if you want the job done right, Boba Fett is your man.

Rule the galaxy with this detailed die cast metal Boba Fett figure! This limited-edition figure has a unique vintage finish, is poseable, has a removable helmet and comes with a display case. This is one awesome die cast Boba Fett figure for your collection.
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