Super Hero Mashers Marvel's War Machine (Electronic) Action Figure

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Super Hero Mashers Marvel's War Machine (Electronic) Action Figure
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Light up your mash-ups with this amazing electronic Marvels War Machine figure! He looks just like the armored superhero, and hes studded with battle gear. Hes got a repulsor that lights up and a launching missile for super-powered strikes. But you can give your hero even more awesome weaponry for the battle against evil! His gear works with other Super Hero Mashers figures (other figures sold separately), and their gear works with him. So you can give him Wolverine's claws or Hulks leg and make him the ultimate Avenger! Customize your superhero adventures with your Marvels War Machine figure!
- Light up your mash-up with this Electronic Super Hero Mashers Marvels War Machine figure
- Figure is customizable with his gear and gear from other Super Hero Mashers figures (sold separately)
- Light-up repulsor
- Launching missile
- Swappable gear works with any Super Hero Mashers mash-up.
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Hasbro Toys
Super Hero Mashers
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Action Figure
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