YuGiOh Battle Pack 3 Monster League Booster Box

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YuGiOh Battle Pack 3 Monster League Booster Box
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This fall, a new draft season will kick off with the latest booster set in the Battle Pack Series, the all-new Battle Pack 3: Monster League!
Designed for booster draft or sealed pack play, Monster League will bring together a ton of surprising Monsters, Spells, and Traps to challenge your drafting, deck-building, and Dueling skills in a brand new way.
Battle Pack 3: Monster League will include 10 new cards to enhance your draft & sealed games (2 new Monsters, 2 new Spells, and 6 new Traps). Like Battle Packs in general, the focus of these new cards is on battle, and of course they’re 100% legal for use in your regular, constructed play Deck. Whether you’re making your dead work for you with Ghosts From the Past, or just spinning out some quick defense with Quantum Cat, these cards are designed to throw a new twist into your Duels.
Battle Pack 3: Monster League has Shatterfoils!
These shattered-glass style cards use the same technology seen in later Duel Terminal sets. All 237 cards in the set can be had as Shatterfoils. Each pack contains 1 Shatterfoil card.
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Battle Pack 3 Monster League
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