YuGiOh Gold Series 3 2010 Exclusive Booster Pack

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YuGiOh Gold Series 3 2010 Exclusive Booster Pack
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The acclaimed Gold Series returns again, and the 2010 edition brings some of today's most powerful cards to the players in the premium and exlusive Gold Rare foil technology.
Popular cards that players can use to upgrade the look of their decks with the exciting gold versions.
Harder to find cards that many players will want to collect like "Blackwing Armor Master" and a previous promo cards like "Infernity Archfiend" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh" are included.

A long awaited card, Jack Atlas' very own [Vice Dragon] will finally be released in the states! This powerful LV5 Dragon can be Special Summoned from your hand when your Opponent controls and Monster and you do not. This is one of the quickest ways to get into a LV8 monster including his very own "Red Dragon Archfiend"...
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Gold Series 3 2010
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Booster Pack
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