James Cameron's Avatar Avatar Norm Spellman Action Figure [With Shirt]

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James Cameron's Avatar Avatar Norm Spellman Action Figure [With Shirt]
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Put peaceful scientist Spellman through the paces when things start getting tough! This 4-1/4 figure (in scale to reflect the nine-foot tall bodies in the movie) accurately captures the blue skin and lithe limbs of his avatar body. Figure comes with a weapon and special i-Tag that brings a related element from the movie to three-dimensional life online (requires a WebCam).

Norm Spellman Bio

Spellman's bookish good nature and remarkable intellect conceal a warrior's heart. His encyclopedic knowledge of Pandora and the Na'vi make him a valuable member of the team. His acceptance into the Avatar Program is a life-long dream come true.

Profession: Xenoanthropologist. Scientist in the Avatar Program.

Skills: Textbook knowledge of anthropology, linguistics, botany, zoology, and geology. Fluent in Na'vi language and customs. Experienced avatar and psilink operator.
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