James Cameron's Avatar Tsu'Tey Action Figure [War Paint & Headdress]

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James Cameron's Avatar Tsu'Tey Action Figure [War Paint & Headdress]
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He rides a direhorse like nobody's business, and what he lacks in charm, he more than makes up in fighting ability. You've gotta check out his amazing double bow from the movie. This fantastic 4-1/4 Na'vi figure (in scale to reflect the nine-foot tall bodies in the movie) accurately captures Tsu'Tey's blue skin and lithe limbs. Figure comes with a weapon and special i-Tag that brings a related element from the movie to three-dimensional life online (requires a WebCam).

Tsu'Tey Bio

This respected Navi hunter and warrior for the Omaticaya is famed among various Na'vi clans for his bow work atop a banshee. His surliness does not detract from his profound courage and natural leadership.

Clan Position: Lead warrior and hunter. Apprentice Oloeyctan or "male clan leader."

Skills: Hunting. Expertise in all manner of Na'vi weaponry, including challenge weapon. Masterful direhorse and banshee rider.
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