MtG Dragon's Maze Azorius Authority Intro Pack

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MtG Dragon's Maze Azorius Authority Intro Pack
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Lavinia of the Tenth has rallied a patrol of Azorius officers and lawmages, and nothing will stop them from catching lawbreakers. Rather that destroy creatures outright, the Azorius Senate prefers to lock them up in jail by using the detain mechanic.
Start the game by getting creatures like Silvercoat Lion and Stealer of Secrets onto the battlefield. When you're ready to attack, make sure that your creatures can punch through for damage. Detain isn't your only weapon for locking down potential blockers. Cards like Haazda Snare Squad and Arrest can clear a path for your ground attack turn after turn. Even if your opponent manages to mount a defense, your flying creatures should be able to finish the job.
The "Azorius Authority" deck also boasts some powerful combat-oriented spells. Protect/Serve is your most flexible spell. You can cast Protect for 2 ManaWhite Mana to give your own creature +2/+4 for a turn, or you can cast Serve for 1 ManaBlack Mana to give an opposing creature -6/-0 for a turn. But if you have enough mana, why not use the new fuse ability and cast both halves together to get both effects?
If you're looking to modify this deck, there are plenty of powerful Azorius cards waiting for you in the Return to Ravnica set. The legendary leader Isperia, Supreme Judge is a titanic flying creature that draws you cards every time your opponent is foolish enough to attack you. The Innistrad block also holds some strong cards in your colors, including Geist of Saint Traft, a 2/2 for 1 ManaBlue ManaBlack Mana that creates a 4/4 Angel each time it attacks.
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