MtG Planar Chaos Ixidors Legacy Theme Deck [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Planar Chaos Ixidors Legacy Theme Deck [Sealed Deck]
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Ixidor was the master illusionist who created morph magic, and his legacy is one of trickery and deceit. While playing the Ixidors Legacy deck, youll pick up right where he left off.

Shapeshifting is this decks specialty. Your face-down creatures do it. Your Shapeshifters do it. Cards like Unstable Mutation or Shaper Parasite do it. But the real fun is when you shift the shape of your opponents creatures! Shaper Parasite can drop a small creatures toughness to 0, spelling its immediate doom. Even better, Serendib Sorcerer and Merfolk Thaumaturgist can team up to turn any creature into a not-long-for-this-world 2/0.

After youve dealt with your opponents threats, its time to finish the game with some threats of your own. Tidewalker isnt very stable, but it can be gigantic. How big Aeon Chronicler is depends on your hand size, which means it can also be hugeand if its getting too small, you can play Ovinomancer or turn Fathom Seer face up to put a bunch of cards in your hand. As Ixidors heir, youll always have another trick up your sleeve!
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Planar Chaos
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