MtG Zendikar Kor Armory Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Zendikar Kor Armory Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]
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The "Kor Armory" deck puts you in command of the Kor, a resourceful race of adventuring nomads who use Equipment to survive as they wander their dangerous world. Their ingenuity will be your opponents' downfall.

Almost all of your creatures are Kor. Play them out quickly to overwhelm your opponent's defenses. Many of them have kicker abilities that give you a bonus if you pay extra mana when you cast them. For example, Kor Aeronaut can give another creature flying for the turn if you pay 1 ManaWhite Mana extra.
Kor Duelist

You can make your creatures more powerful by giving them Equipment. Once an Equipment card is on the battlefield, you can pay its equip cost to attach it to any creature you control. Some of your creatures have abilities that turn on only when the creature is equipped. Kor Duelist gains double strike, for example, which means that it deals damage twice each combat, and Armament Master makes your other Kor creatures larger. Conqueror's Pledge makes six 1/1 Kor Soldier creature tokens, which are great both for carrying Equipment and for giving Armament Master an army to lead. With its kicker ability, you can pay eleven total mana to make twelve tokens instead!
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