MtG Zendikar Rise of the Vampires Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Zendikar Rise of the Vampires Intro Pack [Sealed Deck]
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The "Rise of the Vampires" deck puts you in command of a relentless army of undead that's ready to drain the life out of your enemies.

Vampires are the bulk of your fighting force. Small creatures like Guul Draz Vampire and Child of Night come out quickly. Use them to get your opponent down to 10 or less life, when Guul Draz Vampire becomes larger and much harder to block. Acolyte of Xathrid isn't a Vampire, but it fits right in with them when its ability activates to make your opponent lose 1 life. If your Vampires aren't big enough to do the job, try sending in Zombie Goliath or a pumped Vampire Aristocrat.
Feast of Blood

Your opponent will probably have creatures too. Command your Vampires to eat them with Feast of Blood, or use Hideous End to kill them while also hurting your opponent. In addition, your flying Vampires like Vampire Nighthawk can attack over enemy ground creatures. Malakir Bloodwitch both has flying and drains 1 life from your opponent for each Vampire you control when it enters the battlefield.

When not even your flying creatures can attack safely, Blood Tribute still makes your opponent lose half of his or her life. If you tap a Vampire as you cast it, you'll gain as much life as your opponent loses!
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