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YuGiOh Trading Card Game 2010 Gold Series 3 Exclusive Booster Box [5 Packs]

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25 Cards per pack, 5 packs per box!

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All of the cards in Gold Series 3 are strong, popular cards!
If youre looking to hop on board the latest and hottest Decks, Gold Series 3 can help get you started. The 32 Common Cards in Gold Series 3 include most of the Blackwing monsters from 2009, so its easy to get your Blackwing Deck together just with Gold Series 3 and the new Blackwing cards available in The Shining Darkness packs. Gold Series 3 also includes most of the Amazoness cards, originally released way back in 2003, so you can take advantage of the new Amazoness monsters in the August release of Duelist Revolution set.

A long awaited card, Jack Atlas' very own [Vice Dragon] will finally be released in the states! This powerful LV5 Dragon can be Special Summoned from your hand when your Opponent controls and Monster and you do not. This is one of the quickest ways to get into a LV8 monster including his very own "Red Dragon Archfiend"...
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