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Marvel Avengers Movie Series Shatterblaster Iron Man Action Figure [Damaged Package]

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IRON MAN tinkers obsessively with his armor, constantly inventing new weapon modules, making tiny improvements in efficiency, and keeping it in perfect fighting condition. His latest innovation harnesses the power of controlled fusion, encasing the explosive power of a small, unstable star inside a high-powered missile.
Villians beware, because this heroic Shatterblaster IRON MAN figure has an appetite for justice and the armor to make it happen! What chance do evildoers have against this Shatterblaster IRON MAN figure? His wrist-mounted launcher fires missiles at the enemy. Send him into the fray or stand him up in your collection. This IRON MAN figure is bent on protecting the innocent. Will he prevail against evil? Only you can decide!
IRON MAN figure comes with weapon accessory! Missile-launching wrist launcher!
Figure comes with accessories.
Movie Series 18 Shatterblaster IRON MAN
Ages 4 and up.
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